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NAME: Robyn
AGE: 19
LOCATION Winnipeg, Manitoba
CONTACT: Yahoo Me! AIM Me! Email Me! Journal is LOCKED! Comment to be Added

Hello! Somehow you've managed to stumble across my journal. I'm an engineering student at the U of M, so I'm ridiculously busy. I love my job, I can't wait for school to end, and I'm a pretty big loner because I have no free time. Ah well.


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Mounting a poster? [Dec 7th, 11 @ 09:46AM]
Hey, suggestions on where one could go to mount a poster? It's an odd size (23"x34") but a inch or so can be taken off if need be. Looking for a reasonably priced place to get'er done. Area of the city doesn't matter. Thanks all.

Said awesome poster:

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RANT ENTRY! [Jul 12th, 07 @ 09:19AM]
I decided to stop making update posts because really, no one fucking care, am I right?

SO! RANT TIME! Inspired by Lisa's rant times:

- Taxis (and other cars I guess): Stop f***ing honking at other people because you just EXPECT to get let in. God damn it.

- Winnipeg: YOU ARE NOT VANCOUVER OR SOME OTHER MARITIME PROVINCE! Stop raining and hailing when it's sunny.

- Thieves: I just hate you. I want you to die. :)

- Poles: Get the hell away from the back of my car!!!

- I... had more but I forgot. I'll wallow in consideration for the rest of the day.
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FYI... [Nov 11th, 06 @ 04:36AM]
Wow I HATE the smell of cigarette butts in ashtrays. *goes to vomit*
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Microwave for Sale [Nov 6th, 06 @ 05:42PM]
PLEASE take this out of my apartment. Works fine but we got a newer one for free.

Citizen brand, two/three years old maybe, has the turning thing and glass plate still. Inside still fine, not peeling or anything (I saw one like that, it was... not good). No pictures but I guess I could take one if need be.

$10 o.b.o. Can drop off for a few bucks more but would prefer someone to pick it up.
Location: Osbourne Village
Contact: Leave a comment with info/e-mail robyntar@mts.net/call 284-6663

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"We're sort of like 7-11, we're not always doing business, but we're always open" [Oct 14th, 06 @ 03:54PM]
- Phyz my kitten, is absolutely adorable.
- I'm so ridiculously broke!
- Boondock Saints is a really good movie.
- Engineering can suck my non-existent penis!
- Everyone should come visit the apartment. It's rockin'.

This is all.

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Moving out! [Sep 21st, 06 @ 12:51PM]
Justin and I (and hopefully Kaila!) move into our new apartment on October 1! I'm so intensely excited!
It's a 2-bedroom at 18-286 River. The first month is $505 and the second month (or soon after) it will go up to $568 or even less. Anyone want to help us move on October 1?

Phyz (our kitten) is freaking CRAZY! Ahhhh! I haven't slept properly for the past few days. She keeps trying to claw my face off. Ah well. But pleeeease help us move! We have so much stuff!

Off to a team meeting I go!
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[Sep 6th, 06 @ 10:19AM]
This woman:

is fucking hot. (Maja Ivarsson)

Everyone should listen to The Sounds at least once in their lifetime.
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KITTEN PICTURES [Aug 28th, 06 @ 02:34PM]
[ mood | happy ]

It's a she, any name suggestions?

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

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Kicked out + bar fun [Aug 28th, 06 @ 10:05AM]
[ mood | stressed ]

I guess not too much has happened so I don't really know what to put. But I'll put the larger things:

- Funny story: Some guy tried to smack my ass, but my hand was there so he smacked that. Me, being all shocked, proceeded to run into a pole with my water bottle in front of me, which squished and covered me in water. It sucked.

- Mike bought a new (old) gamecube! Can't wait to get Pikmin 2 back and play the hell out of it.

- I got my tongue pierced. Blah.

- I'm getting a kitten! She's sooo cute, only 3 weeks old at the moment. Tiger striped, with four white paws and a half orange face. Adorable!

- I REALLY need a new job, MTS has been failing to get me a part-time one thus far -_-. Hire me! I'm good, I promise.

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Mathin' it up [Aug 3rd, 06 @ 09:54AM]
For the nerds out there"

Polynomials: A Story of Lost ConvergenceCollapse )
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[Jul 30th, 06 @ 12:17PM]
Denzel Washington is kicking ass in Man on Fire. I swear to God.

He's not too shabby looking either.
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[Jul 28th, 06 @ 09:46AM]
Quizzes and MemesCollapse )
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I'll Give You Anything [Jul 27th, 06 @ 06:06PM]
[ mood | energetic ]

Lyrics to "Anything" by Buckcherry, because I heard it on Rockstar: Supernova, and I loved what Storm did with the song. Seriously. It was about 12972395234 x better than the original. And no, it wasn't just me; she got the encore too. Canadian "Idols" should take fucking singing lessons from some of these girls. I'd buy it if it was a single GRRRRR. But yes, under an LJ cut.

Just settle down, settle down, settle down...Collapse )

BY THE WAY: I found the video! Click! http://youtube.com/watch?v=zjLNQAjWi8s&search=storm%20anything
Don't you love the dumbass people who vote for the "attractive" emo kid? It's gross.

Anyone know if anything else by Buckcherry is good? I'd honestly never heard of them until I had to get this song.

In fact, you people should recommend me some damn good music. i'm in the mood for some kickass METAL. I'm going through withdrawal and techno is making my head hurt. So PLEASE let the recommendations flowww.

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[Jul 25th, 06 @ 07:09PM]

I hate her!
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New hair [Jul 18th, 06 @ 09:43PM]
Just done. I love it, Cindy at Aura, KP did an awesome job. Sorry about the shitty quality, click at your own risk.

Ooo Mahogany (sp?)Collapse )
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[Jul 14th, 06 @ 02:06PM]
Poll #769674 What do you think of POTC?

What did you think of POTC2?

Worse than the first
A complete POS
Masterpiece! Like whoa!
Johnny Depp was ok
I'll see it again

Any other comments? Disagree with me? Let me know.

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POTC 2 [Jul 14th, 06 @ 01:56PM]
[ mood | pissed off ]

//begin spiel
//possible spoiler alert

So anyone who knows me, knows I love Johnny Depp. Because of that, I loved the first POTC. So I thought, hey! A second one! With Johnny Depp! It'll at least be decent!


The writers (god bless their talentless souls) were remarkably smart enough to realize that Jack Sparrow was the only thing GOOD about the first money. So, they've managed to make him look ridiculous (not the subtle quirkiness of before) and have attempted to make Bloom and Knieghtly (sp?) like him as well. They FAILED at that, in my opinion. It made the movie dull and corny. Not too mention long. The movie, at two and a half hours, dragged on and on. Lots of the characters (like Norrington, wtf?) were brought back, and failed to make the movie much more interesting.

The romance aspect between Elizabeth and Jack was ridiculous. Talk about pulling something from nothing, when there was absolutely no attraction in the first one. I also wanted to punch Orlando in the face, but that's nothing new.

I also hated the ending. I HATE HATE HATE cliffhangers, and this one was ridiculous, again, in my opinion. I'll see the third one, if anything to see how they butcher it some more. How are they going to spend the first half of the movie with Jack? What, is he going to be adventuring through hell? Or, the way that he acted in this movie, heaven?

Way to make it seem like a Disney movie, Disney.
Oh and all you faggots claiming this is the best movie ever, OPEN YOUR FUCKING EYES!!!!

// end spiel

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A "dead-cat bounce" [Jul 13th, 06 @ 03:37PM]
[ mood | amused ]

Actually, it’s a market term, about a surge in the market that is actually a blip, and not a sustained upward trend. Thus, if you throw a dead cat from a 10-storey building, it may bounce when it hits the ground but that doesn’t mean it’s alive.

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HAHAHA Bush talked today. [Jul 7th, 06 @ 05:01PM]
[ mood | jubilant ]

Oh. My. God. Did you see that ridiculous piece of shit? That was hilarious. If you missed it I'm so sorry for you. I'm also sorry for you if you;re an American.

Reporter: "Now that Korea has increased it's nuclear missiles..."
Bush: "Uh excuse me? Where did you hear this? I didn't hear it. So I think you should stop saying things that I don't know."
Bush: "Well maybe you just know more about nuclear missiles than I do, ok?"
And it continues...
Reporter: "Maybe you know and just aren't telling us."
Bush: "Well maybe. Maybe I don't know and I don't want you to know I don't know."

Not word for word, but in generic terms, he said that. I'm looking for a transcript at them moment.

But HA! You voted him in.

And to leave you with this:

"You win elections by protecting the citizens of the United States from terrorists."

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[Jun 28th, 06 @ 12:32PM]

My job is amazing.
I'm going to go watch TV now and get paid $14 bucks an hour. Oh, and eat a gelati cuz I work on the coolest street EVER!
Lata suckasssss.
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